Activities foreseen AFTER the completion of IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY

  1. Fully integrated production pilots

Once the project reaches TRL7, end users will commit capital investment to build a full production line to produce the components defined in the project. This line will represent a transformation step in bringing nanomaterials to industrial production for developing high performance edge components and increasing the competitiveness of the IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY industrial partners worldwide.

  1. Commercialization activities

The SMEs involved in this project (namely NILT, CEMECON, MARION, SISTEPLANT, SEMATEC and TOOL) will commercialize the materials technologies and the molds inserts developed between 8 and 18 months from the end of the project.

  1. Dissemination activities

The IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY demonstrators will be shown fully operational in the industry plants of MAIER in Spain, BRI and FMG in Italy.

  1. Further research activities

The partners in IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY will contribute to carry out innovation activities in partnerships leveraging funding from national sources, Europe and also from the industry partners. This close collaborative relationship between the IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY partners will ensure effective technology transfer from early TRLs, through the life cycle of the project, up to implementation and commercialization of the technologies.