Activities foreseen DURING the life of IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY

  1. Research activities

The research activities will follow a concurrent and synergetic approach by working in parallel on the following fields:

  • The integration of technologies and processes to use nanomaterials in production. Safe by design approach including the following materials iteration:
  • High resistance castings, from master-pellets.
  • Wear resistance coatings from sprayed micropowders
  • Nanoreinforced injected thermoplastics from master-batches.
  • Enhanced aesthetic and anti-scracth properties plastic parts from nanotextured inserts.
  • Equipment, monitoring, controlling and protocols.


  1. Demonstration activities

Once the above-mentioned research activities are integrated into the IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY industrial sites, the performance of the fully integrated production pilots (ESTCRATCH, HARDcast and TRIBOnano) will be tested and validated at the end users sites (MAIER, BRI and FMG). Health, safety and environmental issues will be taken into account since the initial stages of the project.

  1. Dissemination and exploitation activities

The project will start with an overall update of the market-need analysis of the use cases, the Exploitation Plans and Business Plants that had been conducted at the proposal preparation stage. In addition to this, dissemination and communication activities will be carried out during the course of the project to raise awareness about the project progress and about the achieved results, and to maximize the impact of IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY across other sectors such as Eolic, Health and Aerospace in Europe.