Polimeric nanocomposites progress

  • Masterbatches with high percentages of (nano) additives (>20%) in granular form, with good thermal stability at processing temperature and dispersed uniformly into the matrix due to their improved flowability and uniform dispersion of nanofillers within masterbatch has been developed.
  • Diluition of the master batch to the accurate nanofiller final content in function of the requirements of the part.
  • Masterbatches have been produced in an independent and controlled way within the consortium.
  • Masterbatches have been produced, controlled and repicated in the same conditions.
  • Nanofillers embedded in the polymeric matrix.

Nanotexturing progress

  • The plasmonic colours and diffractive gratings effects will be implemented in an industrial process where the structures are defined using injection moulding.