In IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY conventional materials and injection moulding, casting and coating manufacturing processes will be improved by nanotechnology and will be combined to enable industrial scale production of new performance-enhanced components.

IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY is built on and harvests the results of previous research projects, which include Plast4Future (FP7 FoF), EFEVE (FP7 FoF) OFIENGINE (FP6 SUSTDEV) and EXTREMAT (FP6-IP) all in TRL 5.

The project will establish the value chain for nanomaterial enabled improved performance products, and finally will validate the technologies through three components in industrial environment (TRL 7). Technologies and strategies based on nano-reinforced materials, nanotextured surfaces and nanostructured-coatings that have been developed in the frame of these previous FP6 and FP7 projects will be further implemented in real manufacturing production plants.