Organisation name: Fonderie Mora Gavardo SpA
Country: Italy

Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa joined the Camozzi Group in 2011 and is now part of the Camozzi Manufacturing Division.

For more than 70 years, the company has been synonymous with excellence in the production of ductile, lamellar and special cast iron castings. At the end of 2016 Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa changed its structure, thus enlarging its valued offering. Today the company combines the skills of three production units: casting of items in gray and ductile cast iron realized at the Business Unit “Cast Iron Foundry” of Gavardo (BS); shell casted items in aluminium realized at the Business Unit “Aluminium Foundry” of Paderno Franciacorta (BS); mechanical machining realized at the Business Unit “Machining” of Paitone (BS).

The production plant in Gavardo, a small village near Brescia, extends over an area of 60.000 square metres, 32.000 thereof are under cover.
The high degree of flexibility is combined with a high level of quality that the company, unique in Italy and among few in Europe for production capacity (32,000 tons per year) and plant conception, guarantees through the entire production process in a consistent and certifiable manner. Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa uses the latest, most advanced technologies and know-how throughout the entire production process: from engineering and technical-production skills to precision machining. The expertise of the company encompasses a wide range of activities that go far beyond simple castings. Meeting the needs of a market requires more than just a supplier, it requires a real partner. Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa is able to accompany and support its client throughout the entire process: starting with the feasibility study, through co-design and simulation of the casting process, to the chemical formulation and finishing, to heat treatments and mechanical machining, to final assembly of completed accessories, all the way to packaging and transportation to the customer.

With its entry into the Camozzi Group, Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa is able to leverage important synergies and skills that enable the company to offer turnkey solutions for any need of the client: from casting to final delivery, including mechanical processing, coating, and pre-assembly of related parts. All this regardless of the type of production or specific need: from small castings in a series to more complex projects with the aim of producing cast iron products with medium and large dimensions, all with the quality and management performances consistent with the standards of the Group.

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