In the frame of previous FP6 and FP7 projects with involvement of IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY consortium members nanotechnologies have demonstrated their effectiveness for enhancing materials and manufacturing processes performance up to a certain level tested in intended environment (TRL 5). Different nanotechnology based strategies have been addressed to develop methods to improve thermoplastics and metallic parts using current industrial manufacturing processes. Three strategies appear promising to be further implemented in real component manufacturing production plants: master-batches for thermoplastics, master-pellets for metals and nanostructured powders for metallic coatings.

IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY project proposes different solutions based on KETs such as nanotechnology, advanced vmaterials and advanced manufacturing. The project aims to implement the master-batches, the master-pellets and the nanostructured powders in three innovative PILOTS, developed and installed at three existing production plants that will effectively manufacture real components (B-pillar, Swash plate and Valve plate) integrating safe-by-design approaches into the developments stages. The project follows to develop inherently safer production methods.

IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY is an industry driven project with up to 44% of the budget devoted to SMEs. It proposes solutions that will generate new market opportunities for European Automotive, Construction and Agricultural Machinery sectors offering to OEMs new added-value products. IZADI-NANO2INDUSTRY project is supported by the government of the regions where the PILOTS will be installed. The project addresses an innovation action that is in line with the Basque Country, Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna region’s RIS-3 Smart Specialization Strategy.


Total Cost
EUR 7 468 976,25
EU contribution
EUR 6 027 653
Coordinated in
NMP-02-2015 – Integration of novel nano materials into existing production lines
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Funding scheme
IA – Innovation action